Dark cherry, caramel, buttery, brandy, abundant crema.


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  • Ala Italia Espresso is the culmination of some serious tasting, adjusting, and then a wee bit more adjusting. 
    As we are based in Alabama, lets call it our “Southern take" on a  Northern Italian style coffee. It’s profile is smooth, easy drinking, with a rich, thick crema. This is NOT a dark roast, but it IS taken slightly deeper into the roast than our flagship espresso blend, Main Squeeze Espresso. The fruited aspects of Ala Italia are gently muted, allowing the caramel, dark chocolate, nutty flavors to present themselves. The “mouth-feel” is sumptuous, with a semi-sweet, buttery after-taste, which lingers on the palate for a good long while. We were able to create Ala Italia without the use of added Robusta. That said, we assure you it is no less Italian in nature.

    Comfort food? Perhaps, with its thick, almost syrupy crema that remains crema right to the bottom of the “little cup.”
    We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!!  Buon Gusto!!